Monday, April 30, 2018

A Couple Of Weeks In...

It has been almost 3 weeks since I completed the uBITX.  Other than using the FT-817 for APRS or satellite activity (yep...the satellite bug bit again), I have been using the uBITX as my main HF rig.  Some posts on Facebook's uBITX and BITX40 group suggest that some owners only think of these "kits" as playthings...and not a serious radio. They couldn't be further from reality in this case.  I set out to make at least ONE CW QSO per day with it, and I haven't been let down yet.  Perhaps it's the 10-12 watts on 80&40 meters.  Perhaps it's luck.  Perhaps there are a LOT of ops on at the times that I am on.  Whatever it is...I'm not complaining.

K9SK2018-04-3040mCWEN53thUnited StatesDALE W ANDERSON
N4CD2018-04-2740mCWEM13obUnited StatesROBERT A VOSS
NK8S2018-04-2740mCWFN42mmUnited StatesMichael R Fishman
N3JFD2018-04-2340mCWFN00agUnited StatesJohn F Donovan
N4BP2018-04-2120mCWEL96udUnited StatesROBERT D PATTEN
KD9FM2018-04-2040mCWEN63aeUnited StatesPAUL A SCHUMACHER
AC8LJ2018-04-1940mCWEM98eiUnited StatesLUKE E LASSITER
W9ORW2018-04-1840mCWEN61llUnited StatesRobert A Pence
N4YA2018-04-1440mCWEM73pqUnited StatesCHRISTOPHER L WYNN
N2CX2018-04-1440mCWFM29kvUnited StatesJOSEPH H EVERHART
N5PHT2018-04-1440mCWEM13uoUnited StatesGary R Stone
W1MGY2018-04-1440mCWFN41xrUnited StatesTitanic Marconi Memorial Radio Assoc Of Cape Cod
N2PH2018-04-1340mCWFM29vrUnited StatesPeter E Hender
W2E2018-04-1340mSSBFN20vvUnited StatesSpecial Event Station 2018 April 13 by W2NPT
KE4COH2018-04-1240mCWEM94qsUnited StatesCHARLES B SMALL
Above is a small list of the CW contacts I've made since completion.  There are some that haven't made my log, but it's almost complete.

I ordered a printed uBITX knob from a company that prints on Shapeways  They print many different styles and materials, and the "micro" symbol on the VFO knob will give it that professional look.

Next is a printed microphone from Thingiverse.  Same color as the rig...Royal Blue.  These will make the rig complete.  I am anxious to use the uBITX in SSB mode...there are some contests coming up soon that I would like to use this in.

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