Monday, March 26, 2018

My Upcoming Project...ANOTHER HW-7

(A 1972 Heathkit HW-7 QRP transceiver...the funny part about this particular photo is that I took this picture in my ex-wife's backyard in 2013.  This is THE HW-7 that she bought for me after our divorce.  That's HER patio table!!  This photo has been circulated world-wide, too)

Last week, on the Facebook QRP group, a gentleman asked if anyone was selling any Heathkit HW-8s.  Not having EVER been a fan of the 8, I tail-ended that thread and asked if anyone had a 7 that they were selling.

I received a PM from a ham in the northeast that said he had one that I could HAVE, and I only had to pay for shipping.

How amazing!!

One caveat from this generous man: "It turns on, and does little else."

It is coming with the matching HWA-7-1 power supply and manuals. 

So, here is the project at hand...a stock, but non-working HW-7, with full documentation.  Sure...this sort of thing has been written about and chronicled DOZENS of times in the last 45 years, but, this one will be done by me. 

WHY THE HW-7?????

I asked myself that a few years ago.  I didn't have an answer, other than the fact that I love how crude they are, and with the 40673/CA3035VI combination, it is really close in construction to my beloved and long-gone Ten-Tec Powermite 1 that I had back in the early 1990's as a Novice.

The active components in this antique are obsolete, to be sure.  The 40673, while scarce, is still available...albeit tough to find.  The CA3035VI shares the same status.  In the upcoming weeks and months, I will be making compatibility lists and posting links and charts so that future restoration buffs can be aimed in the right direction.

SO...Happy 2018 ('s late March)...and 73 from WNY.

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