Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The COMPLETED Chinese Super Rockmite/Octopus Clone

In the photo above, you see the finished result of all of the pieces and parts...fit together just right.

I originally went looking for Dupli-Color DE1618 to give it the "Heathkit" look, but settled on Ford Cayman green.  It resembles the Heathkit green, with a little extra gold sparkle to it.  The case accepted the primer and paint very well, and it has a smooth finish...much better than the raw aluminum case.

I even painted the MFJ CWF-2's box to match it.  They are roughly the same size...so they look pretty neat sitting next to each other.

Also, I re-crystalled the board, as stated before, for 7.030.  There is MUCH MUCH more activity on 7.030 than 7.023 MHz.  Just yesterday alone I made 5 QSOs at random times during the afternoon/evening.

So...all together, I spent $40 for the radio...$22 for the case, $11 for the crystals (from QRPme.com), and $7 for the paint.  Grand total: $80.

Next step is to build the "CT1IAO" portable single-lever paddle to use the internal keyer:


Next step...take 2:  Testing it portable with the Opek HVT-600 antenna.


  1. Hey John...John-KM6NN here. I recently got my SRM and I am having trouble with the keyer. I got the straight key to work but seem to have a problem with the paddle. I get three dits from the button on the left and the speed control works for the other two buttons but I can not get the keyer to put out more than one dit and or one dah at the paddle. Any help would be appreciated. thanks from Clarksville TN... John oink oink

  2. Have you attempted to lift the keyer chip from the socket and check for continuity? Some of the pre-built kits have some rather shoddy looking solder joints. I would start there. I haven't used mine with paddles yet, so as of this moment, I don't know if mine does the same thing.


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